Development Services


To capture the vision of the community, identify current and future development/redevelopment issues, analyze trends, provide policy recommendations, and implement the framework for growth and change.

What We Do

The Department of Development Services helps build Brownsburg as a great community by providing technical expertise and advice to Town administration, officials, residents, and building professionals. The department advises on everything from planning techniques and processes, adopted plans, ordinances, and building regulations. Staff is also knowledgeable about how these issues impact community concerns, opportunities, and priorities. Responsibilities range from planning for future community development to inspecting completed building projects and code enforcement.

What Makes a Great Community

In Brownsburg, residents enjoy a diverse tax base, good schools, a variety of housing options, and safe and efficient access to shopping, work, and leisure activities. All of that helps create the great community people want to live in and visit again and again.

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How We Make Decisions

Planning and building staff rely on several documents to inform our recommendations. One of the most important documents for the department is the Comprehensive Plan. The 2019 Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan is a tool that serves as the official policy guide for the town's physical growth. The document is a combination snapshot and crystal ball; that is, it examines the whole community as it is at a point in time and looks to the desired future state. Crafting a plan involves answering the following questions:

  • Where are we? - We are getting organized and taking stock (or taking the snapshot) of our current community through research and inventory. We evaluate our existing residential, retail, and industrial development, parks, roads, survey residents, business owners, and other essential stakeholders on Brownsburg's good things and what we might be missing.
  • Where do we want to go? - With the data gathered during the inventory phase, we create a vision of Brownsburg's desired future.
  • How will we get there? - We select and craft specific goals and objectives to help achieve our vision. Once we have our baseline data and Brownsburg's vision for the future, we can see how close or far we are from the ideal. Then, we write the specific steps to achieve each goal.
  • What's next? - The work doesn't stop with finalizing and publishing the plan. It continues through careful monitoring of our goals and the actions to achieve them.

We also spend time evaluating the results we achieved. Did we reach some or even all of our goals? If not, are they still valid goals and objectives? All of these steps help us to better serve residents and ensure we are all working towards the same goals for the Town of Brownsburg.

Questions About Ordinances?

Contact Development Services at (317) 852-1128 with questions about Town Ordinances.